Stylish Stair Runners

Stylish stair runners

Stylish stair runners can be an added element of design detail for any space and are a fun way to add decor to the hall, stairs or landing area where most visitors will see.  This is a great place to make a statement and set the scene for the rest of your home.  Stair runners provide the perfect opportunity to express your taste or to emphasize the age and style of the property.

While non-dressed stairs can be a default and something we don’t even notice day to day, there are so many stylish stair runners that can be made from any carpet type or style you desire to work with your overall decorating theme.  If it is a contemporary look you are going for then look no further than stripes or geometric patterns.  Stripes seem to be the single best selling style for modern staircases and done correctly do look stunning.  Add some chrome stair rods and you have completed the look.  In a property with history, look to use more of a velvet pile pattern or an oriental design fitted with bronze or brass stair rods to add that essential class.

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