Fall Door Decor

Fall Door Decor

Get into your seasonal spirit with Fall door decor.  As we transition from summer into the season of changing leaves, cooler evenings and autumnal colors embrace the Autumn and get excited about doing decorative changes to your home that make the entrance feel exciting.

I personally love entrance door decorations. Whether it’s a succulent wreath, an eye-catching ladder display, dried leaves that wrap an entrance or some beautiful pots that decorate the sides they all add to the excitement of Fall.  Here are some really nice fall door decor ideas that will be sure to please and give you some inspiration!  Check out HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, MichaelsTarget, and a local garden center for these stunning props:

  • Lanterns, big and small
  • Ladders to create height, wood planks for words
  • Leaves in bunches or cords, dried flowers, dried berries, pinecones and acorns
  • Pumpkins that are real or made of various materials
  • Pots filled with mums that are yellow, red, orange or white
  • Wreaths with autumnal colors that use burlap, hay, dried flowers, small pumpkins
  • Corn Stalks and dried ears of corn
  • Hay bales and wagons for stacking and setting to prop
  • Mercury touches to add shiny bright pops of color
  • Crows, cobwebs, scarecrows and bats for a more Halloween feel

fall door decorfall door decorfall door decor
fall door decor

Fall door decorfall door decor

fall door decor






fall door decorfall door decor









fall door decor



Understanding The New Product Development Cycle


Continuously improving and updating products is an ongoing task for brands as consumer needs and wants are always changing.  Brands need to be “productive” to ensure the loyal customers they have stay loyal.  The failure to stay relevant in the market and develop new and fresh products could result in a decrease in sales and loyal consumers to buy competitor products because their brand doesn’t offer what they need. To ensure this doesn’t happen, most brands implement a a new product development cycle (NPD) that ensures the longevity of loyalty and consistent sales success.




There are many points organizations hit to get help with new product development ideas.  Sources include:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Research & Trends
  • Competitors
  • Consultants
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Distributors and Suppliers


Once brands have shifted through all the new product development ideas generated from the various sources, they then select those ideas which are practical to develop. Brands need to be careful when selecting what to purse as unrealistic ideas are expensive and a waste of resources.


When a brand determines what they believe to be a feasible new product development idea, there needs to be patent research, design due diligence, as well as questions the brand will want answered by the target market:

  • What does the target market  think about the new idea?
  • Do they understand it and needs it?
  • Will it fill the need and the want missing in the market place?
  • Are there any issues with the new product that need to be addressed?
  • Will there be a demand for the product?


This is my favorite part of the new product develop cycle as this stage is where marketers get to analyze how the product/service will be launched within the local, regional and global markets. A proposed marketing strategy will be laid out showing the marketing mix strategy of the product, the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy and expected sales and profits.


When the brand has a great idea and the marketing strategy makes sense the next questions is will the product be financially worth it in the long run? The business analysis stage looks at life cycle, market share, cost and the cash flow the product could generate.


At this stage the production department produces the product, marketing makes plans to distribute the product and finance provide the finance for introducing the new product. The prototype undergo a serious tests, and will be presented to a selection of people made up of the the target market segment to see if any final changes need to be made.   This is the last test drive before the product goes into test markets.


Test marketing means testing the product within a specific geographic area. The product will be launched within a particular region so the marketing strategy can be monitored, sales can be monitored and if anything needs to be modified before a national launch.


If the marketing strategy worked and the test marketing was considered a success the product moves up  and launches  nationally. Keep distribution pipelines loaded with products to ensure shelf space doesn’t go to the competition.When ever I launch a new product I have to think about:

  • timing of the launch: Q1/Q2; Fall or Spring ect.
  • how the product will be launched: the marketing mix
  • where the product will be launched: Big Box markets, retail stores, online
  • will there be a national roll out or will it be region by region? Mid West, states, countries
  • timing of refreshing marketing/advertising


The eight stages of new product development cycle is an ever evolving testing platform where errors will be made, designs will get edited or tossed in the trash, and a profit loss could be recorded. But having the entire team working together will ensure there is a real sense of team camaraderie, trust and support.   It will also ensure the successful launch of goods or services, even if its reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Room With A View: The Outdoors Come In

Room With A View: The Outdoors Come In

I love wide open spaces, when the outdoors come in and create a room with a view.  This inside out design found in these homes are breathtaking.  Whether it’s a secret garden, a city scape, a mountain view, an endless forest, or the calm of a lake the inside out just makes me feel excited! When you blend the outside with the interior you really do have a room with a view that offers a space to reflect or engage, but, most importantly, a space to enjoy the beautiful landscape, weather (hopefully a rumbling thunderstorm) and the magic of mother nature. These homes constantly give and take between nature and building, allowing the outdoors to come in and provide THE room with a view.

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Blinded By The Light : Window Treatments

Blinded By The Light : Window Treatments

What kind of window treatments do you have to shade yourself from the world outside?  And what kind of style do you go for to give the windows some personality?  My cousins husband works for an amazing company called The Shade Store.  The Shade Store is a family-run, custom window treatments company handcrafted in the USA that uses luxury textiles coupled with interior design to make the windows speak for themselves. They have beautiful designs and have opened a whole new world to me.

The various window treatments start with roller shades.  This is a great way to keep a softer look to your home and provide privacy.  WovenWoods01_690x400 XLPleat01_690x400There are blinds: classic horizontal (in wood or metal) or vertical blinds that have a more decorative effective inside the pane.  These blinds space clean and minimalistic.VerticalSystems01_690x400WoodBlinds01_690x400Finally they have the drapery window treatments that tap into personalities.  With over 400 fabrics to choose from you lose yourself in patterns, textures, touch.  InvertedPleatNew_690x400_690x400 TailoredPleatUpdate_690x400_690x400If you are looking to transform your windows, create an ambiance, and to gain a bit of privacy look no further than The Shade Store for the ultimate window treatments collection!


Floating Bathroom Fixtures

Floating Bathroom Fixtures

My sister-in-law does so much development in West London with floating bathroom fixtures and all of the spaces she transforms are beautiful.  This is a design and esthetic feature that has become very common across Europe but not something you see very often in North America.  I personally love floating bathroom fixtures because the space looks bright and clean with a simplistic feel.  The design can still vary from modern, contemporary classic to a more rustic styling.  All in all, these floating bathroom pieces are going to please my next buyer in an upcoming project and I can’t wait to show it off.  What do you think?

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Interior, vertical, powder room, Taylor residence, Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana; Reid Smith Architect; LC2 Design Services; Teton Heritage Builders; Montana Reclaimed Lumber

Interior, vertical, powder room, Taylor residence, Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana; Reid Smith Architect; LC2 Design Services; Teton Heritage Builders; Montana Reclaimed Lumber

Decorative Window Boxes Delight

Decorative Window Boxes Delight

Create a small garden window with beautiful, colorful window boxes.  These stunning displays create a relaxed and timeless quality that home owners will love and visitors will envy.  Window boxes come in all types of material: vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, tapered iron, wrought iron and hayrack.  Windowbox has an incredible collection to choose from.

Consider which rooms you use often enough to warrant flower-edged views, as these will come at a price, and give thought to the placement and plant size.  The decorative garden window boxes can also be a chance to add privacy and light screening.  Some stunning plants that compliment window boxes are Geraniums, Kalanchoe, Violet plants, Superbells, Supertunias, Dwarf conifers and many others.   Here are some stunning window boxes set to get you inspired!


Exquisite Exposed Brick Walls

Brick walls are exquisite – I love them.   These walls are an interior design element that define space and add a unique trend in homes today. They create rustic charm, character, and add very original architectural features to space

Try an exposed brick backsplash for the kitchen, a brick fireplace surround, a painted brick archway or a brick wall for the stairwell. The texture will offer a warm and rustic look that can be complimented by any metal or wood material, coincide any color palette and are particularly suitable for bedroom and study space.  Check out these brilliant executions of brick.








Hues of Blue

My absolute go-to color when decorating and designing is blue.  Blue seems to be one of the only colors that maintains its own character in all its tones; it always manages to stay true to itself.  Blue gives such a striking effect to walls, floors and fixtures providing a color accent that pops.  It also allows you to dress various rooms in different shades that all compliment one another and create uniqueness in each space.  Don’t limit yourself to one shade of blue when you can unleash your creativity and enjoy many shades at once!

Here’s a small selection of super cool blue rooms to find color inspiration for your home.
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Cool Modern Kitchens

Are you trying to decide between going classic or modern for your next kitchen space?  Here are some great modern kitchens set to inspire:


Large kitchen island with wood cabinets and drawers, white countertop with sink and faucet, white dining table with white chairs and lamp, stacked ovens, and lots of natural lighting.

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Be Bold & Beautiful with Bedding

Be Bold & Beautiful with Bedding

As much as I like to stretch my decorating dollars, textiles are one area I feel should get a bit more budget and attention.  I always pay that little bit extra for bedding as it can bring elegance, design & style, and luxurious opulence to a bedrooms decor.  Be unique, fun, and beautiful with your  bedding and completely change the look of a space.  This small change can make you feel new and excited and give you the added boost to climb into bed and drift off to dreamland. It’s a new season and a new reason to redo your bedroom so here are some images to inspire:

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