Round Table Romance

Round Table Romance

The round table, first mentioned in 1155 in Wace of Jersey’s Roman de Brut, told of King Arthur having a round table made so that none of his barons, when seated at it, could claim precedence over the others.   The lack of “no head” allows for everyone an equal status at the table and King Arthur was clearly a very clever man.

I recently decided I wanted to transition from a rectangular table to oval or round.  I bought a stunning round table from Horchow and have found a real romance with it.  With the rectangle I always felt like there were two conversations going on and the dinner was divided.  With a round table everyone is involved in the same conversation.  We all can reach and pass, see one another, and we all feel like we are attending the same dinner party.  Here are some beautiful round tables set to inspire.   If you have carpentry skills you could create an amazing unique round table that no one would have.


Curtesy of Architecture Design Magazine


Curtesy of Horchow

Decorative Drain Covers

Decorative Drain Covers

Have you ever stood in the shower, looked down at your drain covers and thought, “That’s not very pretty.”  Probably not, as most of us have a standard, non noticeable cover that says nothing to you- its a forgettable detail.  Now that I have drawn attention to the little drain covers you may start looking at them every morning and thinking how nice it would be to add a flower, a sunburst, a geometric pattern to the floor. These beautiful drain covers can be used in showers, wet rooms, swimming pools and spas.

contemporary-bathroom-sink-and-faucet-partscontemporary-bathroom-sink-and-faucet-parts (1)


Of all the drain cover companies the best I have found are from  They have a great selection of decorative drain covers that allow you to add a little piece of art to your space.  They have a wide selection available in over 50 designs, round or square, in brass, stainless steel, copper and stone materials.   I have just ordered a couple of drain covers from the Architecture series and cant wait to see them in place.  Have fun with this and get drain decorating!


Wow With Wallpaper

Wow With Wallpaper

From traditional to trend setting, the latest and greatest for defining space is in wall covering with wallpaper.  I am about to embark on a wallpaper journey, one that started 6 years ago in my North London home and now, here in Boston, I will start once again.  When I think of wallpaper I only think of two brands to dress my space:  the fabulous and chic Farrow and Ball, and the bright and bold Graham & Brown.

7f778fde335967268ee4ef97da83c929Both brands have a large wallpaper variety of color ways, incredible patterns and beautiful design detail. Farrow & Ball have an amazing printing technique that allow the paint to have the textured vintage, almost nostalgic feel making the price five times higher than Graham & Brown.   So if your looking to start the wallpaper process, start with a powder room and go less bold.  Don’t do too busy or too color bold in small space.  I’m starting my powder room this weekend and thinking Farrow & Balls Crivelli Trellis BP 3107.  I can not wait to bring wallpaper back into my life!
31-654-roomset BP2206_Detail_M m_galbraith-and-paul-lotus-wallpaper-square-beveled-mirror-onyx-top-washstand


Live In A Treehouse?

Could I actually live in a treehouse?  I love the idea and I really enjoy looking at the amazing detail and craftsmanship that goes into building an elaborate and extreme treehouse, but could I really do it?  If I went to the middle of Yellowstone, found an enormous tree and built a little wooden home it may feel a bit like an extended camping trip. I could fish and hunt, hike in the woods, run from black bear and sleep under the stars every night.  It sounds so exciting, adventurous and unrealistic. Tree House 1

The reality is I couldn’t and it wouldn’t have the internet….what on earth would I do without the www?  When I was a child I asked for a treehouse and it never happened.  Now as an adult I wonder if I could build something cool with a modern twist in our garden. I would have to think very carefully about every aspect of the design including the staircase, a bit of lighting, screens to keep the New England mozzies out and of course a secret password to let people in.  It sounds like fun and would give me the opportunity to be a kid again, with my kids, so I better get cracking!


Connect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces With Folding Glass Doors

Connect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

With Folding Glass Doors

Folding glass doors allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds: a room with an amazing view that also opens up completely exposing the outdoors.   These folding glass doors transform a space and create a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoors giving you a painting, a picture that comes to life.  I love how they are stylish and simple and add an element of elegance to the space.


With clean lines folding glass doors go flush against the walls which maximize your view when the  glass wall is open and when completely closed. Additional advantages of using glass are that they are appealing, can compliment in style of home, are hygienic and safe. As far as versatility and design is concerned, glass is the best material for separating and dividing different areas in the house.  I think its time for an extension so I can put folding glass doors in.



Door Knocker Decor

Door Knocker Decor

The perfect door knocker can set the tone for an entire home; they set a level of intrigue right from the start. Door knockers are also a great conversation starter for first-time visitors.  If a knocker is simple they can be easily overlooked, so picking one with unique traits and a bit of character is a must.



There’s also something quite nice about gripping a heavy piece of metal and beating it against a sturdy wood door saying, “I have arrived!” And a well-chosen knocker can send a message about exactly what kind of home you’ve come to.  I personally love the classic lion door knocker; I wonder what that says about me.

Pure Deck-adence

Pure Deck-adence

Are you looking to create a space to enjoy a morning coffee, a weekend breakfast, or an outdoor space to watch the day as it passes? Maybe it’s time to think about a deck to relax on with your friends and family.  A deck has become one of the most popular places for many homeowners, especially since it is a great location to host BBQ’s or game nights and can be as custom as you want.

Decks are an added exterior room and provide the comfort of still being connected to home.  It’s easy to come in and go out but to also feel separate and part of the environment.  Custom made decks can have beautiful additions such as fire pits, flower pots, curved seating benches, and built in grills.  If you are looking at converting some outdoor space and want to implement a deck there are a variety of materials to choose from that can fit your lifestyle and budget.

Custom Decks in Colorado Deck-Design-Ideas-11 trex-leaf-deck_740x300


Mason Jar Flower Arrangments

Amy’s Amazing Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

My friend Amy always comes over bearing amazing mason jar flower arrangements and I love this thoughtful gift. The decorative mason jar flower arrangements are classic vintage elegance, stocked with fresh flowers that will add a touch of style to any home or gathering.  If your looking to give an artful gift this is a nice idea and it doesn’t break the bank.   Simple, classic and beautiful, just like Amy.

Make Your Kitchen Classic With Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Make Your Kitchen Classic

With Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets offer a sleek, stylish and tasteful design that will enhance the look of any space. You can compliment a traditional or contemporary space, it can feel modern, old world, more rustic and elevate your kitchen to the next level by adding a light or dark stone or thick oak wood tops. Grey kitchen cabinets provide a neutral base, allowing walls or textiles to be the pop of color you crave and can be easily changed each week, month, year depending on your mood.

grey cabinetsThis past year was all about white one white with chrome and brushed nickel hardware, but its time to move on.  Check out this gold hardware on the grey below- grey kitchen cabinets really manage to pull off this rich hardware and compliment it.  Out with the white and in with the grey please!


Black, Grey, Blue, & Cream – The Colors of 2015

Black, Grey, Blue, & Cream – The Colors of 2015

I’m feeling a color combination trend this year and I can’t wait to decorate the next space with this grouping.  This collection of colors provide a sophisticated style, a palette that can compliment any space, and shades that make you feel at ease and calm.  The combination of black, grey, blue and cream are my chosen color palette for 2015.

Black – the outline, the filler, the creator of depth that grabs your eye making you identify and follow.

Grey – the neutralizer that makes the space softer, more simplistic while adding balance partnering with the darker shades.

Blue – the compliment, the added richness to the space, giving it depth and detail without being too heavy.

Cream – the blank canvas that naturalizes the space and provides the option to add more colors into the space (purples, more hues of blue, greens or yellows).