Live In A Treehouse?

Could I actually live in a treehouse?  I love the idea and I really enjoy looking at the amazing detail and craftsmanship that goes into building an elaborate and extreme treehouse, but could I really do it?  If I went to the middle of Yellowstone, found an enormous tree and built a little wooden home it may feel a bit like an extended camping trip. I could fish and hunt, hike in the woods, run from black bear and sleep under the stars every night.  It sounds so exciting, adventurous and unrealistic. Tree House 1

The reality is I couldn’t and it wouldn’t have the internet….what on earth would I do without the www?  When I was a child I asked for a treehouse and it never happened.  Now as an adult I wonder if I could build something cool with a modern twist in our garden. I would have to think very carefully about every aspect of the design including the staircase, a bit of lighting, screens to keep the New England mozzies out and of course a secret password to let people in.  It sounds like fun and would give me the opportunity to be a kid again, with my kids, so I better get cracking!