Ah how I LOVE the Spiral Staircase

Lets Bring In The Spiral

There’s something about the spiral staircase that completely captivates me. I always feel so lucky when I find one and I tend to spend way too much time trying to figure it out.  It’s a clever design and I don’t understand why they are not part of the design esthetics of new construction. Something about it’s the symmetry, its fossil like appearance give the “wow” moment in the minds eye.


Go Green

THE plants of the season: air plants


These stunning little beauties have taken over my kitchen window and add simplicity and style to the space.  They are so easy to look after requiring no soil and absorbing water and nutrients through the leaves. I tend to take the air plants out of their space and soak them in a bowl of water over night.  This allows the leaves to absorb the water and be left alone gracing their space.

Air plants, also known by their genus name Tillandsia, are nice because they can decorate almost anything.  Wood and plant makes a stunning centerpiece or wall decoration and become art on a wall or table.



The best thing about air plants are the price.  You can get these from $3 to $15 depending on size of the plant and store.