I am working on bringing this portfolio to life.  Updates will come as I continue to dig through my work.  If you would like to see something specific until this page is done please contact me!


Marketing  – hfi

Working at hfi really influenced how much I believe in the use of assessments.  I was able to use my marketing skills to promote hfi business solutions that unveil the intricacies of the working environment, the organizational culture and the people.


This was an amazing project do be part of and my favorite to date.  Skechers wanted to showcase a shop-in-shop in the most famous department store in the world, Harrods,  and I had the honor and privilege to be part of it.  I was able to look at the space, meet with a manufacturing company and make a vision become a reality.


Moving into retail from wholesale is a whole other machine, and until you move to the pace of retail you may not experience what fast paced is.  I was able to convert my visual skill set to perfect the retail fixture package for Sperry, design the windows for the retail and outlet stores and understand the true value of brand experience.  It is in the 4-wall you have the ability to really story-tell and captivate the consumer.  Here, I took the idea of living life in, on and around the sea seriously.  Every piece of POP, furniture, images, props embodied the brand.


Beyond the 4 wall of the traditional retail stores, we have outlets, the space where consumers can get a great price on great product.  Not only was this work with Saucony story telling, it was all about key price messaging and pricing strategies.  During this period we rolled out a new magnetic pricing structure now seen in store.


Planning the media activation for the biggest sporting event across the globe can’t be described as anything other than COOL.  To see the environment transform and to promote the newest Skechers Fitness collection with Mr. Quiggly got a lot of attention and gave Skechers a huge boost in sales.  It was fantastic!