Visual Merchandising

visual merchandising


Visual merchandising: preparing a space by making it look cleaner, bigger, brighter, stylish, inviting and enticing the consumer to buy. When you visual merchandise the goal is to make your product appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling quicker and for the retail value.

Types of Visual Merchandising techniques I focus on:

  • Starting with an idea, I work to generate and refine a concept
  • Improve a products appeal by transforming it’s environment into a story, an experience, a desire: a product that anyone will want.  Most are exposed to visual merchandising day in and day out without even realizing.
  • Merchandising a shop floor with key product placements and rotational shifts to drive sales while still continuing to story tell.
  • Create props (POP)  that give lift, elevation, product call outs and key features and benefits
  • Ensure BRANDING is everywhere.

I launched the new store concept for Sperry Top-Sider and it was more than just clearing clutter and tidying the sales floor.  I worked with a company to create new fixtures and fittings and to change the in store experience.  I went around to Brimfield Fair, antique shops, coastal destinations, and shopped Etsy to find authentic textile pieces that reflect life in, on and around the sea to dress the space.  Along side this the floor plan was completely reconfigured rearranging the entire space to ensure the floor plan flows, working with the senses such as smell and sound, ensuring there is balance and symmetry throughout the space.  Like it or not, consumers are savvy and have a lot of choice.  Buying isn’t just about the product, its about the voice you speak when visual merchandising.