marketING: There is a method to the madness

The best marketing works by building relationships and establishing trust. This means listening and communicating, nurturing friendships with potential prospects, asking for referrals from satisfied customers, and conducting business in an upbeat and honorable way.

The way I work marketing is through a combination of my learned experience, best practice, listening to others, taking what they have done into account and trial and error.  I have worked for amazing companies that helped me to understand the consumer, how to market to the consumer,  and how to sell.  The best mantra I lived by for 10+ years of my career was the Skechers “Unseen, Untold, Unsold.”  I live by this mantra today.  This works only when you understand your audience, both their needs and wants, sometimes before they do.   And it works in marketing when you consistently and creatively turn out a quality service that sells with branding everywhere.

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Speaking out

I love to share my passion for marketing and visual merchandising. I do this by speaking at company events and conferences, through social media (mainly Twitter and LinkedIn) and also my blog.  I also believe that being a true brand ambassador, living and breathing a brand, its beliefs, what it stands for bring real marketing to life.

When I’m marketing I always think about:

  • How to build an effective online presence that keeps the BRAND front and center: the world is on the web and everything we see, hear, engage with and do is all marketing is some form.
  • Packaged POP and in-store window roll outs: POP allows for a product to be “heroed” and communicates key messaging.  In-store windows and retail stores  arenas where a brand can provide a 365 degree experience and tell a complete marketing story.  POP and in store displays also allow consumers to see the brand across the globally but still have a similar feel
  • Social media strategy, planning, measurement and ROI
  • Planning and managing marketing campaigns: I love to take the marketing story and tell it to the world.  Marketing is selling and if you have a great campaign, something authentic and real, the consumer wants to grab hold of it, be part of it and also share it.
  • The marketing strategy: What do I have, who am I selling it to, and how am I going to sell it ?  These are all great questions I ask when I am looking at my offer.  I always make sure I have these questions answered at the beginning of the marketing process, so should you!

Marketing works by planning, team work and hard work.