Decorative Drain Covers

Decorative Drain Covers

Have you ever stood in the shower, looked down at your drain covers and thought, “That’s not very pretty.”  Probably not, as most of us have a standard, non noticeable cover that says nothing to you- its a forgettable detail.  Now that I have drawn attention to the little drain covers you may start looking at them every morning and thinking how nice it would be to add a flower, a sunburst, a geometric pattern to the floor. These beautiful drain covers can be used in showers, wet rooms, swimming pools and spas.

contemporary-bathroom-sink-and-faucet-partscontemporary-bathroom-sink-and-faucet-parts (1)


Of all the drain cover companies the best I have found are from  They have a great selection of decorative drain covers that allow you to add a little piece of art to your space.  They have a wide selection available in over 50 designs, round or square, in brass, stainless steel, copper and stone materials.   I have just ordered a couple of drain covers from the Architecture series and cant wait to see them in place.  Have fun with this and get drain decorating!


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